Siteground staging problem with cloudflare SSL

I never used to have this problem.

Now I try to make a staging website and I tried everything to solve this problem. My developer can’t work anymore so I really need help with this asap.

When going to the staging website SSL problem occurs.

This is the problem that comes:

The connection for this site is not secure www.(staging).(website).nl uses an unsupported protocol.
Unsupported protocol
The client and server do not support a common SSL version of suite with encryption method.

I contacted siteground, they gave a solution by pointing A records but that isn’t really helpfull.

Because I make and delete staging websites and also sometimes add more then 1 staging website so everytime I have to put A records then. That is not good.

How can I solve this?

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so only option is to pay 10$ a month… just for this ;/

You can unproxy as well.

what you mean unproxy?

Set the DNS record to :grey:

okay, sadly there is no other option. Very weird that they do this :confused: now just for this option I have to pay another 10$ a month…

Or you could use one of several billion(?) available possible hostnames in your * domain for the staging website instead of using

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