Siteground says that Railgun / Cloudflare slows some of my sites down (speed problem)


I have different pages with Cloudflare. Railgun is aktivated since month but today I saw that
are much slowlier than normally.

I contacted my server Siteground and they told me to DEACTIVATE Railgun that I activated month ago because Siteground told me to do so (if I remember THEY did this for me).

Siteground told me to look the Waterfall of Gtmetrix to veryfy this but I do not understand enough of this to understand the problem.

What can I do?
If this is a Railgun problem: maybe it will disappear alone?

Thanks for your time, greetings from Italy, Martina

No one has an idea for that question??

Do you have it currently on? For me at least it loads reasonably fast.

Thanks for your answer Sandro,
I did not changed the Cloudflare nor the Railgun settings because I wanted to understand the problem first. says that has a loading time of 5 seconds now. I have had this value really had a lot better

I do not really understand the “waterfall” in the response time yet. I just report what my server Siteground answered me.

Thanks for your time.

Your sites load reasonably well for me. Only aloebenessere is now somewhat slower (than an hour ago) but that is not because of Cloudflare or a particular resource you included but because of the initial page load when you request / and that is most likely due to your Wordpress configuration and/or some plugin.

Thanks Sandro, so I will try to understand in another way what the problem is. :slight_smile:

Do you actually experience an issue (apart from the delay I mentioned) when you load the site or is it just that test you ran?

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