Siteground Optimizer with Cloudflare?

My domain is handled by Cloudflare and my WordPress website is hosted on Siteground. My question is. . . should I need Siteground Optimizer plugin to cache my site or with Cloudflare is enough?
Also, can I use Cloudflare plugin if I have a free plan or it works with APO plans only?


Siteground Optmizer will take care of caching at the origin. Cloudflare will cache at the edge. They are complementary and work well together. If you see any issues, bring them here, search this community as well as Forums | .

You can use the Cloudflare plugin without APO.

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Wordpress cache and Cloudflare cache are 2 different things. Cloudflare plugin is to manage Cloudflare cache mostly.

If Siteground optimizer do really optimize your site that’s other topic.

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