Siteground + non-www

Hi there,
i am new to siteground and want to try the CF-Integration. i want to stick to NON-www. So i simply activated CF (free) in SG account without the checkbox for automatically change urls to WWW…
what happens next is that i get some warnings in SG account like:


For Cloudflare to work properly, WWW has to be configured as a CNAME that points to the domain’s Cloudflare address. To do this, add the following lines to your DNS zone:
cloudflare-resolve-to IN CNAME

I can see my project in CF Account but not able to edit or nor see the DNS Settings from there because of " Partner hosted zone".

this are my dns zone editor settings in SG account:

CNAME is an alias of
CNAME is an alias of
A points to

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