Siteground Free CDN - One Issue

Hi folks,

New to the community. I am being hosted at Siteground and on their GoGeek plan. I just implemented the free Cloudflare CDN for my Wordpress site at my site. I’m running into one issue that possibly someone here might be able to clarify. The error states I have the incorrect information and should have blah, blah, blah. But in fact, I have that information. I checked the DNS Zone Editor and I see the following settings, CNAME and CNAME, which appears are correct and what the error said should be there. I didn’t write the second part of what was there in the DNS Record since I can’t have more than two domain names.

Any Thoughts.

Thanks for your time and patience,

Your site runs. Other than what may be a false alarm at Siteground, are you having any problems?


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