SiteGround: Failed to activate Cloudflare

My site is hosted on SiteGround, I have been trying to activate CloudFlare for two weeks. It comes up with the error Failed to activate Cloudflare for Cloudflare is already activated for this domain under a different account.

In my CloudFlare account I have no domains, and it’s the only CloudFlare account I have ever had. SiteGround just keep telling me to contact CloudFlare as it’s out of control. And CloudFlare just doesn’t respond so I’m stuck without it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Regards, Sam

It’s probably some other Cloudflare account or 3rd party setup that had it.

What’s the ticket # for the request you filed? It would have provided an automated reply with ticket # and some suggestions, and instructed you to reply if you needed more assistance.

The ticket number is #1860393, it says a Technical Support Engineer will be contacting you soon. One of the three tickets I opened has been open for a week. I only joined SiteGround for CloudFlare


Opening multiple tickets delays responses. Please be patient.

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