Siteground ending collaboration with cloudflare - how to re-configure cloudflare

Hello to everybody,

I hope that you could help me to use Cloudflare services.

I was using Cloudflare since a while and I was happy with it. However, recently siteground has informed me to have ended the collaboration with Cloudflare. They have moved my site to their CDN however, I am not happy with it (lack of similar features as Cloudflare) and i would like to re-configure my website to use Cloudflare CDN.

Currently, my domain name servers are ns1.siteground. net & ns2.siteground. net

I was told that in order to switch back to Cloudflare i need to change the nameservers in my domain. What are the Cloudflare nameservers that should I use? (please note that when I go into the CDN menu of Cloudflare I do not have much information and configuration possibilities. It keep reporting: Your DNS zone file is hosted by, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website. )

Additionally i was told that i need to setup an A record on Cloudflare DNS zone, how could i do it?

Is this information/steps correct or i miss something?

Thanks in advance for your help!


This is quite typical. It looks to be siteground won’t allow you to have custom nameservers.

This has to be in Cloudflare. You are required to point the domain ips in Cloudflare. This doc will help you:

You can check out this Tutorial as well:

If siteground won’t allow CF nameservers, you may need to move from there, I suspect.

For more answers, you can always :search: in the forum or the CommunityTip

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