Siteground Domain with Shopify Store and Cloudflare possible?

HI there. I’ve added Cloudflare services from siteground website to my domain
However unfortunately as soon as I did my website didn’t work anymore.
This is due because my domain is pointing to shopify servers because it’s a shopify ecommerce.

From siteground they told me that they can’t do nothing about, but they said that you might be able to help me.

It’s possible to activate cloudflare services also if I have a domain with siteground pointing on a shopify store ?

I know it should point to your server, and from your server maybe it should redirect to shopify store.
However when I tried to edit DNS from my cloudflare dashboard, it said I couldn’t as DNS were in Siteground.

how can we do that and is that possible ?

I would like to do it as my website speed load is ■■■■. I’m trying to optimize it as much as I can and one thing I’ve read everywhere is to use your service.
Thank you
Thank you

Shopify already uses Cloudflare, so you can’t layer your own Cloudflare over Shopify.

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