SiteGround does not show status as Active


I created a free account with Cloudflare and changed the name servers in my SiteGround DNS. I went back to SiteGround a few days ago and noticed on the Cloudflare panel it shows INACTIVE and will not even let me activate but a popup is displayed saying:

"CF Error: Your’s DNS is hosted by CloudFlare. If you’d like to switch to, you must first deactivate and then delete
On the Cloudflare website, the analytics page does document activity.

Any help would be appreciated to help me understand the conflict between Cloudflare appearing active on their website but unable to show active on Siteground.


Sounds like Siteground have a partner setup with Cloudflare - the partner setups work differently to the full DNS setup that it appears you have now.

For the partner setup, your nameservers would probably still point to your host, whereas for the full DNS setup, they point to Cloudflare.

You can’t have the full setup with Cloudflare and activate it with your host. Personally, I would go with the full DNS as you have it now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much! That explains it😀

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