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I have an Siteground account with a hosting plan. Siteground has an connection with Cloudflare and you can connect sites to Cloudflare. Now I have this hosting plan for years. It is connected to an Cloudflare account but I do not know the password anymore. The username and email address that is connected is not my domain anymore. That domain was canceled years ago. So I cannot login. So what needs to be done iis that the account needs to be disconnected from the siteground account. I contacted Siteground and they send me here that the account needs to be disconnected from Cloudflare side.

That’s an unfortunate situation. You’ll have to contact Support to get this straightened out. You’ll need to set your name servers to Cloudflare, but I’m not sure if your Cloudflare account’s DNS page for that domain will tell you which ones to use.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Unless you can contact Support from the email associated with the account that holds the active domain, it is not possible for Support to assist you with purging the domain.

I just checked, it does not. If a zone is on a partial partner setup we don’t assign name servers. I suspect the zone will need to be moved/set up directly to new (or current) cloudflare account. @leon7 can you share the name of the domain in question?

I don’t think I’m completely understanding the following information in your post, @leon7

Are you unable to log into your siteground or your cloudflare account…or is it both accounts that you can no longer access?

I may not be fully following the questions, but it seems you can add the domain to a new cloudflare account and change the name servers with your domain registrar to the two associated with that account. Sorry for the issues you’re hitting with this @leon7.

If they have a Cloudflare account that Siteground is linked to, is it possible to delete the domain from Cloudflare, then add it again, but with a regular name server setup? Or will it re-link to the Siteground connection?

I think so, you can add any domain you want, but nothing happens until the name server change takes place.

Once we detect the name server change, our systems eventually forget about the old setup. I imagine we’ll not be able to properly import the DNS records and those will need to be edited to point to the origin server…perhaps that is the part of the questions I was missing/not understanding…?

Like as in getting the incorrect value for the A record?

It is a bit of a catch-22, I would have thought that once the account is active under a different account and name server changes have been made, the customer could contact Support from the new account and let them know the issues and ask them to purge the zone from the abandoned account. Unfortunately, by the time you have standing to contact Support, it’s a moot issue as the zone is already under control of the new account.

I can login in Siteground. I can add domains, make websites etc.
Siteground has features that you can connect to Cloudflare via SIteground. So Siteground is not the problem.

Here you can see that for more advanced options I need to login to Cloudflare with the email in the screenshot but I do not own that email account anymore and don’t know the password anymore. So the account of cloudflare needs to be disconnect and I need to connect a new cloudflare to siteground

I mean as in picking up the Siteground setup again that won’t assign Cloudflare name servers.

The second account approach would work better, but I’d hate to have to resort to that if I already had an account.

Then you can ditch that setup and use your new Cloudflare account and start over with that domain. If it gives you any warning about the domain being active already, open a ticket and post the ticket number here to Cloonan can push it through.

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