says remove account from Clouflare

I want to activate my site through to work with cloudflare. I get the error message:

Failed to activate Cloudflare for . Cloudflare API returned Your’s DNS is hosted by CloudFlare. If you’d like to switch to, you must first deactivate and then delete “” within CloudFlare. These options are available in the Settings menu…

But I don’t have it activated through siteground or if I do have no idea what email address I registered it through.

I’ve not seen a lot of instances where regaining access to an account has been successful, you can try to search various email accounts for email indicating a setup with details that will help you to gain access. But, that’s a long shot. As long as you control access to changing the nameservers, you can set it up directly via cloudflare or via a partner like siteground. Here is what I see:

$ dig ns +short

As the nameservers don’t point to cloudflare and siteground returns the error that the site is active on cloudflare, I’d assume it’s active via a partial partner setup. Meaning any account recovery steps need to start with them. Short of recovering access, you can change the nameservers to your registrars default nameservers and then either add the site directly or via a partner.

Okay. Looks hopeless

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