Siteground CND and Nameservers

Hi guys good morning!

Siteground is launching a new type of CDN, and for those who have the NS pointed at them, the update to the CDN they use will start soon, but I would like to use Cloudflare’s services, as I really like it.

When contacting SG support to find out what would be necessary to continue using Cloudflare services, and not being forced to pay to use this “new” service, I was informed that it would be necessary to update the NS, since I currently use SG’s. But this is the problem, I can’t find the NS of my Cloudflare account.

When entering the DNS tab, which I believe was where it should appear, another type of information appears, which I am sending here as an attachment. They say they can’t do anything, and they tell me to look for the CF to let them know what they are. Is there any way for me to know what the NS of my account are?

It’s really frustrating how Siteground is dealing with migrating accounts to a new CDN to charge an additional fee, when we have everything they’re going to offer, for free here at Cloudflare.

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