Siteground - Cloudflare Plus features vs Cloudflare Pro


I am trying to upgrade to Cloudflare Pro version and it doesn’t work when I try to purchase since most likely account was created or is linked somehow to Siteground.

Now Siteground offers a Cloudflare Plus plan and I am trying to find if that plan corresponds to the same plan as Cloudflare Pro. Do I get the same features as the Cloudflare Pro plan, If i purchase Cloudflare Plus with Siteground?

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You can get a list off all Cloudflare plan features here:


thank you for your answer, but there is no mention of what the Cloudflare premium/Plus on siteground means.

SOLUTION: I purchased it and I can confirm Siteground Plus/Premium = Cloudflare PRO!

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The functions of the two versions are similar, but the plus version has more functions.

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