SiteGround - Cloudflare ERROR MSG

Hi all, I’m new here!

My WP site is hosted with SiteGround. They offer a free Cloudflare add on which I activated (or thought I did) some time ago on both my domain and sub-domain.

Now I also have a free Cloudflare account where it says Cloudflare is activated on both my site the sub-domain.

Within SiteGround it says the following when I try to activate Cloudflare (it says it’s NOT activated there, even though it says it IS activated when I’m in my Cloudflare account.

can anyone help? I don’t know if I’m activated or not!

“CF Error: Cloudflare is not servicing “” through SiteGround. If you are the rightful owner, you can swap over by deleting any previous Cloudflare domain sign-up and restarting this process. You may also contact Clo”

WHOIS says you’re using SiteGround Asia’s DNS. Dig says the same:

As long as WHOIS points to SiteGround, it’s all under their control. They will need to fix it, or you can go to your Registrar and change name servers to what your Cloudflare account has assigned to you on the DNS page.

Yep, I did know about the servers, but thanks for letting me know it’s a SG issue rather than my CF account.

I don’t have any hosting with CF, only a free account.

I’m ACTUALLY wanting to gain access to the CF video delivery app, but can’t do that from within SG so I had to sign up with CF. Am still trying to work out how to get that added to my WP site.

Any ideas? Am obviously a little lost :persevere:

Cloudflare isn’t a host. It’s just a proxy between your host and your visitor.

Since SiteGround says your domain isn’t activated for Cloudflare over there, you should be free to make the name server change and then use all Cloudflare features in your Cloudflare free account.

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