Siteground+Cloudflare | Edge Certificates Pending Validation issue

I have enabled Cloudflare on my Siteground account and created a free account on Cloudflare. CNAME record has been created. The issue is with 2 Edge Certificates on Cloudflare, pending validation for a few days now. I tried to disable/enable Universal SSL with no luck.
Any help would be appreciated; I need to get this working to use a CDN.
Cloudflare is paused on my website per Siteground support request.

Hi @farhad,

Is your site on a full setup directly with Cloudflare or is it on a Siteground partner setup?

If it’s a full setup and your site is pointed to Cloudflare nameservers, please post your domain so we can check.

If you have enabled Cloudflare with Siteground and they are still hosting your DNS, you should check with them how their certificates for Cloudflare are validated.

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