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Hi :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t5: Cloudflare community =)…
I just made a siteground hosting account…
And as you know they have bulit-in Cloudflare add-on in Cpanel or they new Interface…
After i watch the both way to set up the free cloudflare account (via cpanel/and direct)
It seems there’s some different…
So what is the best way to set it for me, or in General, thru Cpanel or direct with
I know you ppl here are Professional and all that… That’s why i need your experience in this…
Thanx alot :slight_smile: and have a good day!

Pls always set up Cloudflare directly with with the right NameServers and then redirect them to whereever you wanna use them.
Thats the most reliable and most stable and futureproof setup.

Also keep in mind that you can use Cloudflare this way, even if you change your Hoster/Panel. And most important: you will learn how the “real” Cloudflare is working as most “Plugin extensions” (at least back when I tested one) was not supporting all features of Cloudflare.

Centralising the DNS Server also brings a lot of other benefits and makes you independend.

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Thanks M4rr1n for the quick answer i appreciate it! :sunglasses:

Yeah you right, i think hosting companies it’s just using what’s called "cloudflare exetention in their Cpanel just for Marketing Purposes and what have you… It’s not really make any different other than showing off with cloudflare cdn feature in their sites, and once i knew u can make the cdn directly from, i said oh yeah it’s all make sense now :grin:
Thanks again bro

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