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how can I fix this error i can’t remember my mail adress and password. can i change it anywhere?

Failed to activate Cloudflare for . Cloudflare API returned error(s): Unknown X-Auth-Key or X-Auth-Email.

Where is this happening? If you’re using Siteground’s Cloudflare integration, they should have valid credentials to activate your domain here.

i write them and they answerd me this
what will i do?

Emil M.: Hello and welcome to SiteGround Web Hosting Services

Kagit {redacted}: hello

Kagit {redacted}: the person who created this internet page, gave his own email adress

Kagit {redacted}: Unfortunately he is not working for us anymore

Emil M.: I see what you mean, so you have to make sure Cloudflare does not have this domain in any of their accounts. Most likely it is still part of the Cloudflare account and that is why you can not activate now the CDN from here, The best is to contact this person and ask him to delete it and then you will be able to add it here

Kagit {redacted}: we dont have any contact

Kagit {redacted}: with him

Kagit {redacted}: Is there any option without asking him

Emil M.: The other option is to request it from Cloudflare directly by proving to them that you are the owner of the domain name and some other person has that domain in his account. this way they can assist you and remove it from his account

i found the solition

Troubleshoot Cloudflare email issues

If you can’t access the e-mail address associated with your Cloudflare account or don’t know which email address it is, you have two options:

Opening a new Cloudflare account will require going through the signup process to add your domain(s) to Cloudflare again. After adding your domain to the new account, you receive two new Cloudflare nameservers.

Cloudflare cannot guarantee that your assigned nameservers will be the same across the domains in your account. Attempting to use the nameservers that are not the Cloudflare nameservers listed in the dashboard exposes your account to DNS hijacking.

When configuring your nameservers at your domain registrar, be sure to use the assigned nameservers listed in the Cloudflare dashboard. The domain will automatically transfer into your new account (and be disabled from the previous one).

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