Siteground changed my IP -- did I update it right?

Non-techie here.

Siteground recently did a site relocation, so the IP address for my website changed. As a result, I needed to update the IP on Cloudflare.

My approach was to go to the DNS record list, and manually update the IP in any A-records that looked like they had an IP address in them. (I.e. those A records all had, and I changed them all to – just an example).

Did I do it right? Will that cause other unforeseen consequences?


Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

As long as all services at the old IP have moved to the new IP, that should take care of it.

Ok thanks. And in that scenario, the approach of changing each A-record that had the old IP in it was correct?

This is all Greek to me, so I’m just trying to make sure I didn’t mess anything up (and that I covered my bases).

Think of DNS like your contacts in your mobile phone. Let’s assume you have 3 contacts that live at the same residence. You found out they all moved to a new house. You can replace the old address in each contact record with the new one.

Ok cool. :slight_smile: It sounds like that was the right move.

There are just so many different DNS records, different types etc, that I wanted to make sure I was changing the right ones and not the wrong ones.

Thanks for your help!

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