SiteGround Broke CloudFlare Can't Fix

I had an account with SiteGround but moved to a better host. Before I did, I removed my CloudFlare account from SiteGround, then set it up on the new host server.

However, when I left SiteGround I was unable to disable or delete the Railgun they had set up because it gets locked out when you leave.

I messaged SiteGround and got them to do something about it. It took a day of pointless constant messaging to get to do something and I mange to get access back to turn Railgun off. However, the SiteGround options are still there and it’s still spamming my site. I can’t remove it.

This is the main site affected, but there are others too. LBRY Social

Is it possible to contact CloudFlare to remove it? I don’t see a contact support option.

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