SiteGround and Zone manage by partner


My domain is and I am on Pro plan at CF

In the past. I set up CF by using SG tools - until recently I was on a free CF account and we upgraded to Pro to use more advanced options

We are planning to switch hosting and I contacted CF support (ticket - 2086149) - and got some explanation on how to set up the DNS on CF

BUT, When I click on DNS tab on our account on CF I get - Partner hosted zone

I went to SG and click on deactivate to disconnect the link to CF
but I got an error on SG - “Log in to your Client Area to cancel your Cloudflare Premium subscription.”

Obviously - I don’t want to cancel the Cloudflare Premium subscription…

I contact SG support - and ask them to disconnect my site from CF - and they answer - we can’t…

Because it’s a paid service and we don’t want customers to accidentally cancel it and lose money as a result of that.
It’s basically a security measure that protects our clients.
And it’s the intended design by Cloudflare themselves.

So Now I am Stack…

Can you please help me solve this problem?

I would like to do ASAP all the necessary set up so I can go to full setup with CF without any downtime and go ahead and change the hosting…

Thank you for your help!


You will have to do that as that is obviously a prerequisite for your host to disable their Cloudflare setup, which is a prerequisite to set up the domain on a full setup.

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