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I am hosting my website on Siteground and we activated Cloudflare Railgun. The website is working fine and the speed is also decent enough. But lately, some of my visitors always face Error 523 (Origin is unreachable). When they reload the page the website is again connected.

I contacted Siteground support team and they told me it’s because of the Railgun! They deactivate it right away. My question is what do I miss if i don’t use the railgun?? Will this impact my site speed negatively?

Error screenshot attached.

Hi @SuanlianTP,

If you turn Railgun off, yes, you should expect a decrease in the overall site speed. You’d need to have some sort of before/after monitoring (, etc) to be able to quantify it, as every website has a different setup and any suggestion of what would be the actual impact will be merely speculative.

As for the issues you are facing, you seem to be using Clouflare through a partner setup. Since you do not have direct control of your settings via Cloudflare, you should ask Siteground support for help related to Railgun and the 523 error message. They may have deactivated it, but you can ask for this issue to be escalated and request an explanation of what’s the matter.

(And if you decide to cancel their Cloudflare plan and instead have a direct plan with Cloudflare, keep in mind that Siteground may not allow you to install the Railgun listener, depending on their plan level.)

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