Site24x7 is detecting dns servers are down

We use site24x7 for monitering the domain and the sub domain, and it shows this kind of error:

is there any changement in Cloudflare dns servers or do we have wrong configuration ?


This looks like a false positive on Site24x7’s end. Looking at, I see the domain resolving as expected.

Are you experiencing any issues when you receive these alerts?

Hi Cherryjimbo!
why did you use A record instead of CNAME record?
as you see here we are using CNAME record:

I don’t see any resolving CNAME on that subdomain:

Can you share a screenshot of your DNS configuration within Cloudflare (with anything sensitive omitted)?

in site24x7 we use question type CNAME, and we use CNAME and TXT records for the subdomain in Cloudflare DNS configuration.

As @cherryjimbo alluded to, any :orange: entry is proxied as an “A” record that points to Cloudflare’s edge servers, and not a CNAME that points to web-digiframe.

If you need to confirm that record as a CNAME, you’d have to turn off the Proxy.

To clarify, the error you saw in no way means the DNS server is down. It said the Lookup Type was not available, meaning it couldn’t find a CNAME type record.

^^^ This.

Check any :orange: DNS record by using an “A” lookup.


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