Site works without HTTP Proxy but as soon as it is switched becomes unavailable



I get an ERR NAME NOT RESOLVED error when I have both CDN + HTTP Proxy enabled
I get the a proper render when I only have the CDN activated.

The stack I am using is

  • Host runs docker cloud
  • reverse proxy with jwilder/proxy that basically lets you match a docker container to a domain name (VIRTUAL_HOST)
  • the app I am trying to run is dockercloud hello world, nothing fancy.

Now the interesting part is that I have the same exact setup running on a different domain (same host, same reverse proxy container, different hello world container), and this one has no problems whatsoever, with CDN + HTTP Proxy enabled.
I tried mutliple times to DNS check and everyhting seems fine (the domain that does work shows perfect records for everything) except it cant find the A record on my domain that does not work.

Now if I load the domain with the CDN only then I activate the HTTP Proxy then I can acces the domain, but I need to have the Proxy disabled on the first load… No idea what the f*ck is happening, been trying to debug for days and can’t find any useful information…

If I simply use on my domain with CDN only I get up and with CDN + HTTP Proxy it shows down but I can load it on my browser that has cached DNS i guess…

I switched NS on Gandi about 72 hours ago btw…

Halp please.


Hello did you ever find a solution to this?