Site works at IP but not from domain name


I’ve set up my domain with Cloudflare, I’ve changed the name servers and set up an A name which points my domain to the static IP address of my server. Problem is, if I visit the domain name, the request times out giving a 522 timeout error. If I visit the static IP directly, it works fine. Can anyone help here? This is connecting to a home server so it’s nothing big, I’m running an EdgeRouter X on the WAN end of things, I’ve tried setting up firewall rules to allow the Cloudflare IPs but it doesn’t seem to make any difference so I’m not convinced it is a firewall issue (but I may well be wrong!) - Any guidance/tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


It would be great having some more info. What is the domain name? What is the IP (if you want to share it)?

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