Site working Fine Previously Now Loading Very Slow

My site working fine until tomorrow but today it’s not loading taking too much time please check I have removed the site from Cloudflare and add again the same loading time. My site is live please check I am very exhausted with Cloudflare now, sorry to say because if this gonna happen again and again with already one issue in the pipeline, so I am not going to use Cloudflare please reply to me final today is it going to resolve today or not otherwise I’ll remove my site from your platform and look for another CDN. Cloudflare speed test “Screenshots” are attached you can clearly see that Cloudflare is taking more time than my hosting server. Thanks

Also, the site is getting stuck on some product pages and most importantly on the Checkout page. When I refresh these pages then the page loads properly, What’s this issue?

Well it in both scenarios takes more than 10s to load … that’s very sure the main problem. If you configure your site properly, so Cloudflare can speed it up, it would.

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@M4rt1n Thanks for your reply. This Means Site is not configured properly on Cloudflare? APO is not working as the wordpress plugin is giving an error that I already talking to support for a month now but the question is how is it working fine previously? for almost a month it worked fine at least faster than my hosting server.

No, such high siteloads usually mean that it already took way to long on the origin server. Thats also what you see on the test “Without Cloudflare” as the FCP was done at about 9.2s

That I already know, so what’s the point here of using CDN if my site already working fine on the origin server…

Cloudflare is a ProxyCDN. Proxy CDNs are just proxying what you give them.
Cloudflare will speed up ALL your static assets. But can not speed up dynamic assets.

On top of that you have not been able to activate APO which is Cloudflares tool to speed up Wordpress sites. As soon as this would work you will see your site getting faster.

Like I said: to make your site fast you must configurate your origin server properly and give Cloudflare the chance to speed up your site.

How should I do that?

Can’t tell you exactly, as I don’t have access to anything on your side. But here is a general rule:

Make your site work properly without Cloudflare and then first add it. It will speed your site up if properly working.

So just bypass Cloudflare by setting your ZONE (in Cloudflare’s Dashboard) to “Developer Mode”. Then set your site up properly and then remove “Developer Mode”.

@M4rt1n thanks brother for your help, I have noticed that when I enable developers mode my site start working absolutely fine, and also I when I pause Cloudflare on site it’s working perfectly but when I enable Cloudflare it’s not loading taking too much time why is that so?

I can not say a lot about this particular case as I do not have a Domain/URL which I could inspect.


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