Site won't load without WWW


Hi there. Can someone help me? I can’t get my URL to connect to, but it will see the site when I use the www - I don’t know if this will alert me if someone answers but if not can you please email me at [removed by mods for security].

Thank you

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It is likely related to your DNS settings in your account. Have you looked at this other thread?


It looks like your server isn’t configured to respond to non-www.

  1. It would be nice if your server was configured to respond to just, but not that desirable. Your website should only show up as one or the other. So let’s just stick with the www version.
  2. Use Page Rules at Cloudflare to redirect any non-www request to the www URL. Page rule URL should match:* and then 301 Redirect to$1 (the * and the $1 will retain any path the visitor types in.

You may notice I specified HTTPS for both. This is much preferred over HTTP…so make sure you go to the Cloudflare Crypto tab and enable: Always use HTTPS. Otherwise the rule won’t kick in if your site is running HTTP. Besides…all the cool kids run HTTPS.


I have the same pb… If i go to, the website works well but if i go here : the website does’nt work.

Do you have any ideas ?



Both don’t seem to be working on my side.


Your domain appears to be configured in a partial/CNAME setup from a partner. At the moment neither the root nor www is going through Cloudflare and both pages present with an invalid SSL certificate.

When a domain is in a CNAME setup it typicaly has a record which looks like -> CNAME -> and this is set and managed by the partner. Usually the partner config doesn’t support the root domain out of the box because most DNS providers can’t CNAME at the root of a domain. I would recommend contacting the partner you signed up through.