Site wont load with or without www

My website is not reachable via www. or without www. Moved from GoDaddy to Cloudflare and the site was built via Google Sites. Google has the custom domain already installed. I am not sure what may be causing it. Domain is

I get multiple redirect issue

This page isn’t working

This is the error I am getting it. redirected you too many times.

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 2.52.59 PM

Is that error message ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS?

Set TLS/SSL to Full (strict),

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Thank you. I changed this now.

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Will this take again 24 - 48 hours to update?

Thank you, I see the 525 error which means there is an issue with the certificate on the origin server, Community Tip - Fixing Error 525: SSL handshake failed

The directions to do that are here, Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

No, once that was flipped from flexible to full(strict) we see the new error immediately.

I see. Thank you Cloonan.
This site is hosted by Google Sites (simple site) nothing major at all.
My DNS records have the following in it.

Switch the CNAME to :grey: for at least long enough for Google to renew their certificate.

This did not work. I left it on the none proxy setting with 1 min TTL as well as 1 hour TTL 1 day and no change.

It may reset the certificate issuance process that Google uses if you remove the custom domain and add it back, but I don’t know. I have only set up one Google Site for the express purpose of testing with Cloudflare and it obtained its certificate without issue. You may want to ask in the Google Sites Community.

I would leave the TTL set to Auto. You shouldn’t ordinarily need to change that.

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