Site won't load after Cloudflare setup

I’m new to this and non-technical. I have set the DNS settings. I’m wondering if it is a propagation issue?

Any ideas much appreciated.

What is the domain @rodgerschip?

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The community rules say I can’t post a domain . It is thewordalliance dot com

Thank u

Are you seeing an nxdomain error?

I see the documentation on dxdomain error in your link. I will go through that. Sometimes the site load and sometimes it does not. Kinda weird. That’s what leads me to believe it may be a propagation issue.

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Ah, I just looked at your dash, you do not have any dns records, there are good #tutorial you can find on adding records. Your host can tell you the value you need for the address A record. That is the IP of your origin server.

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That’s great! Thank you so much for your help.

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