Site with Cloudflare copying my website


There is a site that is copying my website (it’s exactly the same and it updates everything when I do). It’s using Cloudflare service. Is there a way I can ask to shut it down?

Thank you!!

You should first make sure that site actually deliberately copied your content and is not just accidentally pointing to your server.

What’s that site and what’s your domain? When you load that site, do you get requests in your logs too?

Hi! Thanks for your answer. The DNS of the domain are different, even if it points to Cloudflare. I think it’s not pointing to my server. I don’t see the data in my logs.

If the site is on Cloudflare the DNS entries will certainly be different.

So you are saying you do not get any requests when someone loads that other site?


Yes, I think I don’t get any request.

Sorry. Mine: https:// dicas. zone/ Copy: http:// gaplebalak. com/

You might want to verify that first.

All right, it’s not pointing to your server, so they will serve the content in some other way.

Right now the site is actually not going through Cloudflare but straight to their host and that’s where you could send a complaint to → abuse AT

Ok!! I’ll do that right now. Thank you!!

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