Site will not resolve after DNSSEC and re-register DNS

My site will not resolve

Issues started after enabling DNSSEC. Everything seemed to work at start but checking and

Cloudflare says DNSSEC is working since the start.

There where errors, contacted hostinger and they reset:
I have checked your domain and it is not propagated in all the servers across the world. That’s why yo are seeing the errors. To fix that, I have completely reset your DNS zone everywhere, but as you are pointing the domain to, make sure that an A record is there that points your domain to the IP -

I would like to let you know that DNS changes takes up to 24 hours to get propagated worldwide. Everything will start working after some time! blush You can track the propagation process here:
When all the sections show the required IP, the process will be over and you should not experience any issues anymore :slight_smile: "

The A record is correct right?
This was three days ago.
Im quite lost now
Currently it will not resolve at all.

Your domain is not configured for Cloudflare in the first place.

You did not change the nameservers but only set two NS records at your host. Remove the latter and properly set the nameservers at your registrar.

yes they are already setScreenshot_2020-07-24_19-24-12_nameservers removed the NS records now

Might take some time, currently the old nameservers are still advertised.

hmm… feels like I waited a while now, but I guess It takes time…

Right now the two NS records are back too. Did you re-add them?

The nameservers are now correctly set, however DNSSEC is still broken. You need to set the values at your registrar which were given to you by Cloudflare.

The values I was given by Cloudflare I sent to the support at hostinger, and they said no problem fixed… I sent them again.

The nameservers are not the issue.

that is the DS record I sent them. Is there anything I can do or just wait for them to check it? what else can be the issue?

In that case they have not configured it correctly. It still does not reflect what Cloudflare indicated

You should contact your registrar again.

The DS record they set simply is wrong.

$ dig +short DS

2371 1 2 BCC11012EEA5580199297E44EE92F7E7F3B113A8486F5690E664210B 61DE3ACD

yep thats wrong… wait for support then. thanks

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