Site went down and cant restore it

Hi all, this has been a long endevour which started when trying to help a client adjust some of their DNS settings. The DNS they thought that they were using was in fact not active at all, and the nameservers of the website were pointing to Cloudflare nameservers.

The client gave us an account to login with on Cloudflare, but that was a separate account that had no setups done, the only thing active was the use of the nameservers.

When we tried to sort this all out we pointed the website to other nameservers at the registrar but that did not work and now when we restored the nameservers to CF:s, it does not restore the connection.

The website is currently down, the client does not know where it was hosted, it seems to have been on CF but in a separate account from the one they gave us access to.

Does anyone have any help or pointers in how we can go about to restore the site?

What is the domain?

The domain is

The strange part is that the subdomain works still

Did you set the nameservers on 2024-03-10? Those nameservers are still in place (they are Cloudflare vanity nameservers or an ISP using Cloudflare DNS).
It appears that the site is hosted by a provider that is using Cloudflare.

The previous nameservers were and from 2022-06-16, but those seem no longer allocated, another pair is allocated instead, probably in the account you are using now. You can change the nameservers at the registrar to those if you want to take control of the DNS.

Prior to that, the nameservers may indicate the host, if it has not changed while DNS was under Cloudflare, was

See for the data.

If the domain is in a Cloudflare account, you can try to recover access by logging out of the Cloudflare dashboard and selecting “Forgot your email” which can send an email to the account holder.


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