Site went down after pausing Cloudflare

I was having some issues with Google’s Site Kit plugin so while troubleshooting, I paused Cloudflare. After pausing, my site went immediately down so I thought the Cloudflare nameservers had to do with it, so I changed them back to the ones provided by my hosting, but the site is still down. Does the nameserver update take some time or is there anything else to do?

Thanks in advance.

All that points to a problem with your hosting. If you post the actual domain name, we can take a closer look.

My site is

I already ran a DNS check to see if the nameservers were updated and they were. I also opened a ticket on my hosting’s support service but they take incredibly long to answer so I’m asking everywhere I can.

Your non-Cloudflare DNS looks propagated to me, and the site loads:

Well that’s definitely something because neither the site nor the wordpress dashboard load for me, they both time out.

After my first check, it did slow down a bit, but only by 4 seconds.

Well I tried entering the site through my phone using its mobile data and it did load. Previous to this though I did clean every cache I could think of. My browser’s, Cloudflare’s, etc. It still doesn’t load on my pc.

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After my first check, it did slow down a bit, but only by 4 seconds

Would you help me with this, please? I was able to access to the dashboard through my phone but it still timed out from time to time so it is a bit unreliable and I still can’t access to it through my computer. I tried ressetting my ip, flushing dns, resetting my router, clearing cache of everything and still nothing.

Your site is not using Cloudflare, so there’s nothing you can do at Cloudflare to clear up this problem. As I can’t replicate the issue, I can’t begin to suggest what the problem is with your connection. You’ll have to get your host to assist you with this.

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