Site went down after changing ssl from flexible to full



I have changed my SSL from flexible to full. But after changing this my site went down.

I have also turned off always open in https. But showing the same.

how to solve this issue?

thanks in advance


Your hosting provider probably doesn’t support HTTPS and/or port 443.

When you select SSL to Full on CF it will fetch the content via HTTPS on port 443. If the hosting doesn’t accept or recognize your domain on that port this could be the error message.


Is that cPanel? They often have AutoSSL set up so you can add SSL certificates.


i am using bluehost hosting and i am using free version of cf SSL.

it was working fine with flexible ssl and after changing to full,

can you explain what is port 443?


My bluehost hosting does not provide AutoSSL.


Then you’ll have to use Flexible SSL. Port 443 means you need SSL on your server, which you don’t. Your visitors will still get to use SSL because Cloudflare will add it if you use Flexible.


Exactly as @sdayman says. Port 443 is the standard port that is used when accessing a site using HTTPS.

From what I read quickly searching BlueHost they don’t provide free SSL (except for WordPress sites). Your best bet would be to switch back to Flexible SSL on CF.


thanks @sdayman @matteo . i have switch back flexible SSL

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