Site VERY after a couple of months

When I set the site up 2 months ago, it was running 1.3 seconds or less consistently on almost any connection, tested on 5-6 unique connection/computer combos including a backbone.

Same thing testing over the course of the past week. Coming up as 7 seconds showing on my chrome timer plugin. I can count to 6-7 easily when watching a fresh browser load it.

Any advice?

That’s more a symptom of your local connection. For me, it loads in about one second, which is pretty quick.

Try some speed test tools, like Pingdom, which loaded your site in about a half-second:

I have tried from 5 separate connections, wired and wireless, and even did one test from a 1ms ping backbone server (3.3 seconds).

Pingdom doesn’t do a full load. GTMetrix does. Is it an issue with Cloudflare in my area perhaps? It literally takes 7 seconds that I can easily count to, on any connection, from any computer, anywhere, and it’s worse on a phone.

I’m frustrated with my host because this is the second time that my site died out like this. Last time this happened it was running under 2 seconds and over the course of 2-3 months it went to 6ish. Just strange. And I can’t be having it, not with a local service like this.

Can you post a waterfall screenshot like I did that shows the slow connection? Mine is from my browser’s Dev Tools network section.

EDIT: Why don’t you think Pingdom does a full load? I didn’t do a one-to-one comparison, but it does load 25 resources, as my browser did when viewing your site.

It looks like a full purge may have fixed the issue.


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