Site uses an unsupported protocol

Been using Cloudflare I guess for over 12 months now but every now and again we get a user report they cant access the site due to an unsupported protocol. I have searched on here and all I could find was regarding new installs.

The strange thing is for 99.99% of users everything is fine so I am assuming its to do with their setup but happy to be told I am wrong.

domain is

Anyone any thoughts on how to fix this issue.

Hello @chris9,

Would be great to have more context on that like the RayId for example, the HTTP status code or something else that can help to track the issue.

I assume that your issue come up when a visitor which doesn’t support SNI connect to your website. Basically, the IP pool associated to your domain is shared with other zones and SSL certificate as well, you’ll see that the SAN included in your actual included some other domains.

The non-compatible browser list (non-exhaustive):
OpenSSL 0.9.8y
Java 6u45
IE 8 / XP
Chrome 49 / XP SP3
Android 2.3.7

If you want to get more compatibility, you need to look at the BIZ plan minimum (dedicated IPs).

I will assume then they are using some old none compatible browser, As these reports are so few and far between its not a major issue, I know every browser I have tested it with I cannot replicate the issue. Which is why I thought I would ask the question if it was a known issue. At least now if I know it is probably an issue with their browser I will focus on trying to get out of them their setup.

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