Site uptime

My site was down tonight for around 15 minutes. I would like to find out, what was the reason for this.

Does CloudFlare log the replies from the dns-endpoints anywhere?

I have CloudFlare pro plan.

Who is your hosting provider?

I host on my own Linode-server.

Do you keep a track of uptime for your Linode-server (like Zabbix, HettrixTools, etc.)?
Have you allowed Cloudflare IP addresses to connect/make requests to your origin?
Was there any interruptions at your web server log files (access, error …)?
Any changes at activity dashboard?

Happens from time to time to me when using Hetzner Cloud server … just goes “offline” due to the DHCP network configuration and to make it work again, I have to reset it.
But, figured it out, so when I set ot manually and to static IP at network configuration of my Linux Debian, it works fine.


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