Site unreachable from specific ISPs

Hello everyone,

I noticed a while back that crowdsupply stopped working under my ISP. The problem is very similar to another one which can be found here in the community. Title of the post " Site unreachable from specific mobile provider".
This time the webpage is crowdsupply . com and the provider is Wingo as well as Swisscom, two related providers. Unfortunately the support of wingo refuses or is not capable to deal with the problem.
It seems like that the problem is only addressing IPv4 users like me. A nslookup for crowdsupply returns valid IP addresses. Ping works on the returned IP addresses. Attached two screenshots showing nslookup, ping, traceroute as well as the result in the browser.
According to a friend, the issue might originate in the Cloudflare infrastructure. Anyone an idea how to approach things?

Appreciate your help, thanks.

What happens when you try to visit the site?

it tries to load but eventually it will stop. See attached screenshot.

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gentle push up in the hope that the right person might see it …
@Frankie.H you were helping with this case back in Feb’20, may you have the same power again? :slight_smile:

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