Site under DDoS Attack


i have my ecommerce that is from yesterday under attack. Also enabling the Under attack mode caused the unaccessibility of my server (just port 80 and 443 are open).

I hope that cloudflare could prevent this to happen, also because we will be always under attack so I’m looking to find a definitive way to solve this problem.

I specific that i’m on the free plan and i’m asking if you think that “just” buying the paid plan could enable some feature that solve the problem.

Some detail about the attack:
it’s done over the domain address (not directly to the server ip)
it asks the /it/ page, without any strange parameter, on the web server (that is the actual homepage for italian people)
it’s done from everywhere principally from Netherland and United States but it moved on Spain, Arabian countries and many other.
The user agent always change so i cannot identify any pattern about it.

Should clouflare be able to block something like that?

We had 59Milion of attack in 12 hours… then only patch that i could put is to limit trafic and allow it just from Italy (where I live) but it’s an international ecommerce and it should work wherever, so it’s just a workaround.

Many thanks in advance for answers ad advices.

What do you mean by this? Are you saying that Under Attack mode stopped anybody from viewing your site?

If it’s just the /it/ page, it would be easier to write a Firewall Rule to challenge just visits to that URL:

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Ok for now but it means that forever, anyone will go on the homepage of the ecommerce will be challenged.

i guess it’s a temporary workaround but it is not a solution

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