Site under DDoS attack but I cannot login to the Cloudflare account associated with my domain

My website is under a DDoS attack. I was advised by my hosting provider to contact Cloudflare to remove my domain from Cloudflare services so I can access Cloudflare on my hosts platform (Siteground) and set Cloudflare to “Under Attack” to fix the problem. I logged into the Cloudflare website and I don’t see the domain listed (there are no websites listed in my Cloudflare account). It appears as if someone has already created a Cloudflare account with my domain because Siteground is telling me I already have a Cloudflare account for that domain, I cannot access it though. Please help.

Hi @nmadaffari,

It appears you use Ezoic, I think they have a Cloudflare integration so could you be set up with them through that?

The site doesn’t seem to currently be using Cloudflare.


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