Site under attack

There all,
my site is under serious attack. I need help. I don’t know if they are bad robots or virus causing this. This always happens between 1 - 4pm (GTM+1) for some days now.
Due to this I had to upgrade my hosting server for more resources, after a while this is still happening. See image of the resource usage hereunder:
I will appreciate your urgent reply on how to permanently kill this issue.


Is your domain on Cloudflare? if it is, enable Under Attack Mode. If there is no difference, they may be bypassing Cloudflare and going straight for the origin, at which point you should block access to all except Cloudflare IPs.

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Do you know what URL they’re hitting? You can try enabling Rate Limiting.

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look at your Cloudflare dashboard to get more data also:

  • enable I am under attack
  • enable rate limiting(paid service)
  • get logs about the ddos attacks, see what are they look like, do they have something common? make a smart rules to block them(with Firewall Rules and page rules, IP Access Rules, User Agent Blocking)
  • enable caching on everything you can for as long as you can.
  • does some of the attacks come from countries where you don’t usually have visitors from? block that countries.
  • can you add more servers\scale up your servers? its the time to do it(scale down after the attack is finished)
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Do you have a lot of plugins, what’s the size of the page and number of requests? They add up fast and can exhibit this behaviour. What’s your memory_limit?

This is a DDoS attack. Server resources returns to normal after activating “I am under attack” in Cloudflare.
I don’t know what to do now from my website end to stop this attack.

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