Site unavailable when activating proxy

Hello, in principle I tell you that I have about 50 sites configured with CloudFlare, SSL, the same hosting “Cloudways” and they all work ok, but I have a problem with a single site in particular that I can not solve. When the DNS proxy is active (orange cloud) the domain returns the ip`s of CloudFlare and does not respond, when disabling the proxy (gray cloud) the domain returns the server ip and everything works ok. I researched everything in my power, but could not find the problem and how obviously I cannot take advantage of the functions of the platform I would appreciate if someone can help me to fix it.

May I ask you to post a screenshot of this error?

Is it due to the DNS cache, or some Cloudflare error, or from the origin host maybe?

Or like HTTPS/SSL error in Web browser?

Was the Website (domain) working over HTTPS before moving to Cloudflare and is the SSL certificate still valid for it?

May I also ask what SSL option have you got selecte under the SSL/TLS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain? (Flexible, Full, Strict …)

Do you have some Firewall Rules active which could possibly block access or something else?

Hi fritexvz, thanks for responding, although I understand that I must wait for the propagation of the dns, I cannot wait too long since my site is in production, so I usually wait about 20/30 minutes during the tests and since it does not respond I must return to disable the proxy to bring the site back online.

I consider that the origin host is working ok since it is a configuration that I do usually, but still to rule out any doubt, I raised a clean wordpress site on another server and changed the ip in CloudFlare to point to this test site and the behavior is exactly the same. So I consider that it is not a host problem.

I have tried all the SSL options and that does not change at all, I have meticulously reviewed each configuration tab in CloudFlare against those of my other sites, and everything is as it should be.

There is definitely something in the account of the site in CloudFlare that prevents the correct operation and I cannot contact technical support as the section for that purpose is not working.

Has something like this happened to anyone?

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