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I created my site about a year ago with one account. Now I want to transfer it to my new Cloudflare Account. I tried to remove the site from old account and add to new account, but OVH (when I buy my domain) sent me an error, so I cannot use my new Name Servers to this domain.
How can I definitely remove from my old account to add to my new account with no errors?
I searched some functions to transfer my site, but I didn’t find it.

Someone can help?
Thank you.

What is the error you get from OVH? That might help point people in the right direction.

They sent me an email to inform that Name Servers I used are not valid.

I asked to support and they sent me link to verify if the name servers are registered to Italian Register.
When I put old account’s name servers the result is Success, but when I try with my new account’s name servers there are some problems.

I thought because I registered my site with old account, so if I don’t definitely remove from it I cannot insert it in a new account.

Just to be sure, did you type the name servers out or did you copy-paste them? and if you did copy-paste did you re-check if there are no weird characters copied when pasting it.

If that doesn’t help could you tell us which name servers your old account uses and which your new account should use from Cloudflare?
And what is the domain name you are trying to set up? (If you’re okay with sharing it)

Never heard about invalid name servers from Cloudflare before, but for everything is a first time of course.

My domain name is

The name servers used by old account are and
The new account’s name servers are and

I’ve already check the name more times, and I put it all right.
You can check on link the error with my new name servers, and you can see that old NS return Success statement

The reason it returns success on the old ones is that those are still in effect. If you try to add the name servers in OVH does it give an error?

If you try resetting the DNS servers in OVH and waiting 12-24 hours and then try updating the new servers this might fix your issue.

Alan and Irma seem to be valid NS so it shouldn’t give errors. Did you remove the domain name in your old Cloudflare account as Cloudflare might check if the domain already exists.

Updating the name servers records can take up to 48 hours, which means adding the website to Cloudflare might only be able to happen after the old Cloudflare name servers have been purged from the records of the domain. I see that the website is currently nothing more than a small text so to take it offline for a bit is hopefully not a real issue?

I already tried to reset server DNS on OVH.

I think the problem is that Cloudflare found my domain already exists on another account.
I click on remove from Cloudflare button on overview of my site, but I don’t know if is deleted immediately.

The web site is more than a simple text, that is just the home page, but this website is related to an App sales on Google Play and App Store, so remain inactive for few days can be a problem.
If you can tell me all the correct procedure I can try to do it. If I remain inactive until 48h and after it will be allright is not a problem, but if I do some attempts hoping it will be success, it is a problem, because I can be inactive for many days.

Hi @andrea30.4.99,

This looks like:

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