Site traffic dropped

Since I activated Cloudflare on my site, my site traffic has been dropped. I tested it couple of times, when I disable Cloudflare, I see sudden increase in the traffic.

Hi @remotestack7,

Cloudflare caches resources with certain extensions by default. These resources will be served directly from the edge instead of requiring a request to your origin, so you will see less traffic to your web-server as a result.

I would suggest you take a look at the analytics section of the Cloudflare dashboard and compare the numbers to what you see without Cloudflare :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe Cloudflare has automatically protected your site from some bots or crawlers? (like IP addresses with bad IP reputation, some bad crawlers, some strange requests were challenged as beiung suspicious, etc. - all you could see if you navigate to your Firewall Events)

May I ask how and where did you measure it to get to that conclusion?

Furthermore, when using Cloudflare, maybe your origin host / server is not accepting (or limiting / blocking some) so much requests from Cloudflare, meaning you would have to re-check and make sure Cloudflare is allowed, if so:

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