Site traffic drop from the start of this month

Hello MVP’s:

My site is facing a huge down trend in traffic, its like nothing is coming. The cloudflare panel analytics shows normal traffic on hourly basis but when checking Google Analytics, nothing.

I have no firewall running, origins server is up, site is accessible through different country VPN, but still facing the issue.

Sitemeer, and other DNS checkers showing Status 200 OK.

And what happen here most of them are re-routed:

Could be this the issue, it doesn’t add up any clue ??

Rerouted datacentres are not exactly an issue as that simply means people from that region will go via different datacentre but they will still be able to reach your site.

Also, it takes just one datacentre to show the whole region as rerouted even though all others work as usual. For example, in Europe only KEF is rerouted. All others work without issues.

Google Analytics is not necessarily the most reliable tool. It could be that one of your scripts fails and blocks Google’s code altogether or your visitors could mostly block Google at this point.

What do your logs say? Still the same number of visitors? If Cloudflare shows the same number I’d say everything is all right.

Google Console shows a down trend and Cloudflare too showing a little down trend as we were somewhere 1k above daily traffic and now 750 below drop started from Sept 1st:

What do your logs say? Maybe your traffic really simply dropped.

Cloudflare should not play any part in how much traffic you get and the rerouted datacentres should not be an issue either. Check your search engine rankings, if this is where most of your traffic comes from.

Seems all US (Chicago) traffic is been affected.

Based on what do you think so?

Google Console and also compared Google Analytics Data there were about 300+ users from Chicago right now we receiving 30 to 50 per day.

Again, Google might not be the most accurate and if you have any JavaScript issue that can easily throw that off.

The only authoritative for that are your server logs. Check your server logs and whether they show a decrease in visits. And again, that could simply be a regular decrease in visits.

At this point there is no indication that this is a Coudflare issue I am afraid. For example, the Chicago PoP works just fine

Though, even if it was rerouted that would not mean a decrease in traffic for you.

I made some changes to console as i modified the Geo location to United State, and later i changed it to global. The change was months ago seems like it took affected this month.

Other than that logs clear, Cloudflare clear, no red errors everything is green.

Possible. I’d really recommend to check only the server logs and even then it could be that you simply have few visits.

I am on shared hosting they don’t provide logs. I will ask them for any errors on the logs or not.

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