Site to Site VPN Traffic via Cloudflare Tunnel?

I’ve successfully setup Cloudflare Tunnel and can access resources on the LAN using Warp remotely.

On the LAN Router we have a S2S VPN connected to a 3rd Party for a private subnet.

The question is: Does Tunnel support routing traffic to non local private subnets via the cloudflared/Warp?


LAN-SUBNET: (cloudflared running here)

The Desired state is:


In other words, we need to be able to use Warp to access a host which is accessible via an S2S VPN on the LAN-ROUTER

Is this possible?

Answered my own question here and got this working!

A case of overlooking some things. Basically I am using include mode, I simply needed to add the remote VPN subnet ( to be included in the split tunnel. Then added the same to private networks under Tunnels and now it works! Nice.

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