Site testing failed on cloudflare

Just for the sake of good order, your server certificate has expired and is invalid and you’ll have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare. You should fix that but you need to talk to your host about that.


Thank you @sandro for the Quick response.
Dear, I am using Cloudflare SSL now so is it still necessary to renew the SSL certificate from the host of the domain (Godaddy)?

Of course, you need a valid certificate on your server too.

Hello Guys
I am facing an issue with my website. I added it on Cloudflare but still, it’s not showing me detail. I asked my Domain support team they said to ask Cloudflare to Point your IP. I don’t know how to Poiniting an IP

What’s the domain?

Thanks, @sdayman for your response.
I appreciate.
Domain is

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Your security is still broken

That site works with HTTP, but if my browser redirects to HTTPS, it does not work. Did the site work with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

@sdayman some days ago my site was ok on Cloudflare and SSL was working but I felt some problems. I asked the Cloudflare team for support. After that, I realized If I uninstall my Expired SSL certificate which was given by the domain host (Godaddy), and then I did it. Critically what Happened I was unable to visit my site not even from Cpanel. Then I talked with Godaddy support, they told me to change the nameserver and use Godaddy Nameserver. Therefore, I deleted my site from here and Changed nameservers but after that My issue was unsolved and finally, after long waiting, they resolved my issue and the site was live with HTTP.
Then I again submitted my site on Cloudflare and They suggested I redirect with using HTTPS and I did it, After that, I lost to visit my site. Now In my dashboard, I set it on HTTP because I wanted it LIVE. If I am using HTTPS on Cloudflare My site is showing an error of New Home or not reachable. What did I do? How can I use HTTPS of Cloudflare. Is it Ip pointing issue? I don’t know the technical things as I am a beginner.

@sandro I asked them They said Pay us to renew. But I want to use an SSL certificate although it is minimal for me now a time it is even comfortable for me. Now I am unable to active HTTPS redirection here because if I chose it, My site will disappear and I am not getting details about my site on Cloudflare’s dashboard.

As @sandro already pointed out, it’s not working because you don’t have HTTPS configured at the server. That’s why your site works fine with HTTP, but is broken with HTTPS.

cPanel often lets you install your own certificate that you can get this way:

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