Site Suddenly Unreachable on Some Internet Providers

I configured with cloudflare proxy days ago. It has worked well until today. I suddenly cannot reach the site via some internet service providers. I get a site unreachable page on chrome. Please help!

What do these commands return?


ping request timed out
nslookup non-authoritative answer - addresses ,

same responses for - Ip

You resolve the right IP address, however you seem to be unable to reach the machine.

What does this command return?


Got some responses from IPs -,, etc and a lot of timeouts

You need to post the entire output. And while at it also post the output of


I presume you can reach, cant you?

Yes I can reach Currently running the trace.

Former trace response trace

And the trace to

But it looks like as if your ISP blocked your IP address for some reason.


That is now a bit difficult to say, as these are all private IP addresses (except for the last one).

At some point at or after your connection is being dropped. Most likely this happens on your ISP’s side.

Thing is I can reach other sites. Why is it only mine that I can’t reach?

I am afraid that will be a question for your ISP. Iran and Russia, for example, are known for blocking certain IP addresses, whether that applies to Nigeria as well is something I cant tell.

Alright thank you. Will see if I can follow up

You can always open a support ticket with Cloudflare, but I’d be surprised if they could tell more. Maybe if you tell them your home IP address they could check if there are any known peering issues between your network and that particular Cloudflare network.

Please how do I open a support ticket with CloudFlare?

I have sent a support request. Thank you very much!

If you want you can also post the ticket number here, so that @cloonan can keep track of it.

Also, should you receive an automated response, which closes the ticket, jus respond to it and say you still have the issue to re-open it.

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Ok thank you. Ticket no 1798927

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