Site styles are broken when cloudflare is enabled

Hi all,

I have developed a vue-js app and recently updated vue-js to the latest version. The app lives inside a container image. If I enable clouldflare (uses CL cache), the styles are broken. but if I disabled cloudflare (bypass CL cache), the styles are working fine as it should. recently I have updated the VueJS version.

I have purged the cache several times and checked, but it behaves the same. I also checked in network tab and found there are NO HTTP traffic, all the resources are fetched over HTTPS.

Thanks in Advance.

:point_up: is the network log. The refresh-token api call failure is expected

I think I found the issue myself, When clouldflare does its auto minifications, it removes some wanted stuff from css and js. the below is a comparison of the content without cloudflare(left/workking) and with cloudflare(right/broken).

same happens with javascript as well.
it minifiesi-- >0 to i-->0.

So disabling CL auto minification solved my issue. (the container images contains already minified stuff, so no more minification is needed)

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