Site style broke down after disconnect from Cloudflare

Hello. My site totally style and showing position of blocks broke down after disconnect from Cloudflare
Like never make up it before. What is wrong? Please, give some information.! Thanks in advance!

If it’s no longer using Cloudflare, then there’s nothing you can do at this end. Have you asked your host?

They have no idea. How it works? My host actually transfer site data to Cloudflare as is? And after Cloudflare caching it? No changing at Cloudflare side?

What’s the domain, and who’s the host?

Just as @sdayman mentioned, if your site is no longer on Cloudflare, then the support scope falls on your web admin or hosting provider. You could try and re-add the site to Cloudflare to see if a specific setting/feature resolves your issue. However, it’s hard to say exactly what is broken and what needs to be fixed here.


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