Site Stopped Loading; Conflict on Mixed Site w/ Full SSL/TLS Encryption?

First of all, thank you in advance for those who take the time to respond. My site’s been down for almost a day and I appreciate any tips on a resolution to the following:

I designated my name servers for my domain ( yesterday to Cloudflare’s, and initially had success where my website loaded up fine (on the “Flexible” SSL/TLS configuration), where until late yesterday, my site showed the green padlock on a variety of mobile web browsers.
Later yesterday though, it appeared conflicts began emerging where the mixed SSL nature of my website (as my original SSL certificate purchased through Godaddy had just expired several days ago) created confusion among web browsers. My Wordpress/Mysql site name/URL setting includes the https: value as opposed to just http: even though my previous SSL certificate had expired. Should this be updated to just http if I intend on using the free SSL provided by Cloudflare?

Please go to the following Dropbox hosted file for screenshots relevant to my Cloudflare configuration. I originally tried posting the screenshots directly in this post but this Cloudflare community forum limits new users like myself to just 1 image upload and to 2 links.

In the above file, you can see that I’ve switched my configuration on my SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full (strict). I previously experimented with the Full (self-signing certificate) mode without consistent success.

You can also see from the Dropbox file that my Edge Certificate is Active. Let me know if the other settings that appear on this screenshot appear appropriate.

I’ve also followed the Cloudflare instructions on installing the Cloudflare Origin CA certificate at my origin web server yesterday.

Lastly, please refer to my screenshot of my configuration settings within my Caching section (at the bottom of the above Dropbox file).

I’ve flushed my cache several times and minimized the TTL setting to refresh the browsing experience to my latest changes.

Any ideas will be most appreciated!


For starters, only “Full strict” is secure and you need to have a certificate on your server. Your screenshots do show an Origin certificate however and your server does seem to have another certificate in place anyhow.

As for your issue, something on your site appears to simply not to respond to requests. The server itself is working but requests for your site simply don’t get a response. That could still be an issue with the server or also just with the site.

You need to talk to your host about that. For the time being I would advise to pause Cloudflare (bottom right on the Overview screen) until the site is working and only then unpause it.

Hi Sandro,
Tks for the quick response. I’ve just realized that the reason my WHM and Cpanel weren’t responsive from my origin server IP was that my access had been locked out due to my IP (from some public wifi) being blacklisted by cPHulk Brute Force Protection ( I’ve since managed to whitelist this same IP and now have access to Cpanel and WHM once again.

Rather than pausing Cloudflare, I’ve for now switched on Development mode to ensure the latest files are being pulled from the Origin server.

On the question of the Origin certificate, could the issue be that my certificate was setup (accidentally) to only apply to my origin server hostname (currently a As in, is it correct to assume that this Origin certificate needs to apply to mydomain as opposed to just a subdomain?


I am afraid your server still does not respond.

The site simply does not load.

Right, that’s what I’m trying to resolve…do you see anything misconfigured though w/ the DNS A records? They’re already pointing at the correct IP where I’m able to access my WHM and Cpanel from.

This is what I addressed in my earlier response.

I finally fixed everything! Tks for your help earlier. I ended up reinstalling the Cloudflare certificate on the origin server, but the main issue was w/ the origin server’s capacity.

My AWS EC2 WHM/Cpanel instance needed a drastic upgrade on the # of CPUs and RAM. After this upgrade, my origin server became responsive again. I also had a process relating to a spam checker that had ate up all of my CPU stopped.

I deleted my earlier screenshot of my DNS settings for security…
Have a wonderful wkend ahead!

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